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Wood - May 2017




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What up.

I'm Brigham. Just to get a few things out of the way: it's pronounced \'come-'itch\ and I don't care if you call me Brig or Brigham, doesn't matter to me. 


I've got 2 cats, 1 kid, and 0 shits. Just kidding I give all the shits and I take a lot of shits... anyway enough about my IBS, you're here to read about me and all my professional skills and such. So, go ahead. Read on. Enjoy yourself. 


TLDR; Resume


Agency History: 

Puberty: BYU (2014 - 2018)

I was born and raised in the BYU Adlab. Worked on some cool stuff, both real clients and spec work. Learned the basics and was so excited to move out into the big beautiful advertising world. 


The Fling: Mullen Lowe L.A. (Summer 2018)

After college, I moved to California and had a fling in LA with MullenLowe U.S. as an intern. I worked on California Avocados, Acura, MotorTrend, Wholefoods, and Facebook Marketplace. But, let's be honest they didn't let me do much and we didn't get to first base. 

First Love: GS&P (2018 - 2019)

So, after Mullenlowe dumped me I met another agency through a mutual friend and flew up to San Francisco to be with GS&P. I Interned there for 5 months and was really able to find myself while working on Cheetos, Tostitos, Xfinity, BMW, and the Golden State Warriors. Exploring aspects of my creativity I hadn't known before. 

Moving In: The Martin Agency (2019 - 2023)

Soon, I was ready to take the next step in my relationship. But there were some commitment issues with GS&P, and as we were trying to define our relationship I was DMed by a sweet southern agency with a great sense of humor. I was curious, so I took the bait. The Martin Agency flew me and my wife to Richmond and it all started to click. We decided to move in together and pretty soon I was making stuff for Buffalo Wild Wings and GEICO. Since then we've been going pretty steady with projects for Sling TV, Ritz, Straight Talk, Hanes, TIAA, Sabra, Penske, Santander, Google for Creators and even new business. 

Single Life: Freelance (2023 - Present)

After a four year relationship Martin and I finally grew apart. They hit me with the "it's not you, it's me," and we had to go our separate ways. Knowing that what we had was beautiful, but in order to grow as a creative, I had to go. Now I'm single, playing the advertising field constantly looking for my next flame. So, if you like what you see slip into my DMs and lets see where this can go. Whether it's a week or 3 months of going steady I'm always DTF (down to freelance).



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