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Hanes Hoodie Hotline

Every year there's a cry for help as "Stolen Hoodie Szn" descends upon innocent people. Hanes decided to take action and help those who were left out in the cold, longing for the comfort of their favorite hoodie. So, we created the Hanes Hoodie Hotline. A place where people could call and listen to pre-recorded operators give professional advice on their own personal hoodie situation. Because navigating these awkward cazsh dating situations is not easy, but Hanes is here to help!

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We received 880+ callers to our very real hotline with a very real discount. We were even featured in Hypebae, Adweek and Marketing Daily.

Associate Creative Director: Avi Steinbach
Associate Creative Director: Rushil Nadkarni

Art Director: MJ Cuyán

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